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This content was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government and may no longer be valid.

Business Plans: track progress in implementing our policies

These are the Government’s Business Plans for each department. They set out:

  • Coalition Priorities
  • Key policy and implementation actions for the remainder of this Parliament
  • Expenditure for each remaining year of this Spending Review period
  • Other departmental data, including an organogram, input and impact indicators and a section on Open Data.

You can use this site to track the Government’s progress in implementing the actions set out in the Business Plans. The graphs provide an overview of implementation progress across the full set of actions.

Click on a department to see its Business Plan commitments in full and their current status.

Current status of actions

Actions completed on time

Actions completed last month

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Actions to be completed this month

Department for Communities and Local Government
1.2.ii. Deliver the Department’s commitments within wave 2 City Deals
Department for Education
2.7.i. Work with the Ministry of Defence to establish 100 new cadet units in English state-funded schools
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
2.5.ii. Establish partnerships, where local areas choose to do so, between the Environment Agency and local organisations across 83 English river catchments, to help local communities to protect and improve water quality
Department for Work and Pensions
1.6.i. Deliver 100,000 work experience and sector-based work academy places a year
Department of Energy and Climate Change
2.2.iii. Suppliers, supported by the Data Communications Company (DCC) Services, expected to be ready for full scale roll out of smart meters
Ministry of Defence
2.3.i. Work with DfE to establish 100 new cadet units in English state-funded schools
Ministry of Defence
2.8.ii. Develop a costed implementation plan to implement endorsed outcomes from the report on post-deployment mental health